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Ana Somnia

2011-01-16 20:53:23 by Dubby14

Found this amazing flash, I highly recommend it!

"A whole world waits for you when you turn out the lights. In our dreams, lie childish figures, random shapes and half remembered memories. Each one is different yet somehow the same. Ana Somnia is a generative art project that emulates how we dream. Dim your lights to enter Ana's dreamworld."

Ana Somnia Website

Ana Somnia Facebook Page

Ana Somnia

Looking for soulmate

2010-02-15 15:03:58 by Dubby14

Hello ladies! What I'm looking for in a soulmate is fairly simple, and an easy position to fill.

You must:
a. be anorexic (or just unhealthily skinny)
b. have very low self esteem (I can't have you thinking that you are worth much, now can I?)
c. cook daily (for me, I don't want you getting fat)
d. be limited to 500 words a day (sweet silence)
e. have low standards (i'm not a pretty mug)
f. have a ton of money (be my sugar mamma!)

In the following picture, I am the one on the left. Please keep in mind, that I am this belligerently drunk on most occasions.

Looking for soulmate


2010-02-14 16:13:19 by Dubby14

So I've been doing stencil paintings lately, I'm loving it!


Gotta head into work.....

2009-08-30 18:31:56 by Dubby14

Well, as I go into work this morning....I am happy to know that I am gonna be making a Madness day submission. I've got 3 others that I'm partially done with, and am having a great time. This is definitely a cool hobby. It'll keep me busy until school starts.

Childish am i?

2009-08-22 19:31:20 by Dubby14

Well I have posted a new cartoon, "A Boy and his Gift", and it is this culmination of how socialy handicapped, uncreative, and childish I really am. Enjoy!

Distinct Sobriety Episode 1

2009-06-19 20:16:37 by Dubby14

Ok the first episode of Distinct Sobriety is up!! I hope everyone enjoys the glory of it!

Distinct Sobriety Episode 1

So Mayu is apparently going to have her baby within the next 24 hours!! Woot, congratulations! I'm not sure exactly what color it's gonna be (yellowish?) but I'm sure it's gonna be a beautiful boy :D

Mayu and Koz are gonna have their baby!!

Distinct Sobriety Preview!!

2009-06-14 05:04:04 by Dubby14

A preview for Distinct Sobriety has been posted! Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Distinct Sobriety Preview!!

Distinct Sobriety

2009-06-11 07:58:51 by Dubby14

More info to come...

Distinct Sobriety

Dive Video

2009-06-09 05:11:04 by Dubby14

A dive video my friend Dan made of us diving in Okinawa, Japan.

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